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About Rojan

Mr Alireza davari entered the etching arena in 1996 and with the big amount of interest he had in this industry and with hard work and dedication he and mr hossein shekhi opened a etching industry in 2003.

“ In 2010 the Rojan silver exhibition has been established and its goal was to supply product in the field of “siahghalam”,highlighting,3D and “rizeh ghalam” their other main focus was to work with the best professors in the field of etching that it was somewhat achieved. Till now more than 35 of the most outstanding professors of etching are cooperating with Rojan silver gallery which is a unique success in the world of etching.”

The vision of Rojan silver gallery is creating a place where it will be the first choice by etching professors and also a place where other professors look forward to cooperate with in order to export the beautiful and unique Persian art products to other countries.

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